Training Times


CHESTERFIELD - St Thomas Church Hall,  Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 3AW.

WEDNESDAY . Members (All Grades) and Beginners (Adults and Kids from 8 years) 7.15pm to 8.45pm.  Government & KUGB, Covid19 Rules Apply

WEDNESDAY . Black & Brown Belts Only.  Time TBA.

CHESTERFIELD - Queens Park Sports Centre,  Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield, S40 2ND.

SUNDAY . Members (All Grades) and Beginners (Adults and Kids from 8 years) 10.30am to 12.00.  COMMENCING Sunday 1st November 2020.  Government & KUGB, Covid19 Rules Apply

*** There are to be NO BAGS or any Clothing brought into the Buildings at the above two venues.  You must only come in and bring into the hall, Your Gi (ready wearing) to train, with only your Mask, Hand Sanitiser, Training Fee in a marked (your name) envelope and your training soft shoes (plimsolls).  

You must take off the shoes you have come in, outside the hall and put your training shoes on before entering the hall. Mask and Hand Sanitiser must also be put on before entering the hall.  This is not a request, it is unfortunately mandatory, under Covid19 Risk Rules at both venues for Karate Training. 

 Leave all other items in your car or your parents car.  Failure to follow the above rule, means no training.

All persons joining Satori Shotokan Karate Club must have a Gi (karate suit) and a KUGB Licence in force within the first two weeks of starting training. You will not be allowed to train further until you have these in place.

*** STREETWISE AWARENESS and SELF DEFENCE COURSES   Across the East Midlands Region.

Specially structured for Colleges, Schools, Groups, Businesses and Staff.  Be aware stay safe when out and about, work or leisure.

Club and Course Information:  07778 750568
Training Fees . . .

Club Membership: FREE.   Failure to not train for a month or more (without arrangement), will attract a £30 club rejoining fee.
Training Fee: £6 per session.  Monthly Training Fee: £40.00 (x2 sessions) per calendar month. £60.00 (x3 sessions) per calendar month. 
Pay monthly - save money.  No Refunds or Credits given for missed training.  Missed sessions are Not allowed to be carried forward to the next week or month.  If you do not come to train on any day in a week the sessions missed are forfeited. No transfers allowed.  Failure to adhere to this rule will mean you wont be allowed to pay monthly in the future.

All beginners must have a KUGB Licence in place by the end of 2 weeks from joining the club, without this licence you will not be allowed to train further than 2 weeks, until you have one in place.  (see KUGB rule regards licences).  Karate Union of Great Britain yearly Licence fee: Youth £24. Adult £27.50.  This may be paid and obtained on-line ( or by cheque in the post, with a form from the club secretary.

07778 750 568

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