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Satori Shotokan was originally formed in 1975 by Dudley Wheatcroft in Norton Church Hall, Sheffield, followed by the setting up of two more clubs, in Totley Church Hall and Waterthorpe School, Sheffield.

The club was known as The Rising Sun Shotokan in the early years and Dudley affiliated the club to the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain). Sensei Wheatcroft started his training in Sheffield in the late 60's with Sensei Danny Connors and Sensei Phil Milner, (International Budo Ass.) reaching the grade of Sandan.

Becoming disillusioned with life in the North, Dudley moved with his family to live down South. Not finding a karate club of any description to train at, Dudley gave up training for a while; a year or so later the family becoming restless, returned to Sheffield.

Finding that his old club had moved out of Sheffield, Dudley started looking for some thing different and by chance happened to see a Karate Demonstration at Sheffield's YMCA given by a Black Belt by the name of Sensei Eddy De Roeck, I was hooked said Dudley, here was a guy who had technique, dynamic power, a good attitude and taught respect, a world of difference to how I had been taught previously.

Talking with Sensei De Roeck, after the demo, Dudley arranged to join the club and start again in Shotokan Karate from the bottom. In 1974 Sensei De Roeck moved the club from the KUGB to follow Sensei Asano and the SKI, (Shotokan Karate International).

Along with a few friends Dudley left the YMCA club and on not finding another Shotokan club to train at, set up his own club in Norton Church Hall, Sheffield. With the help of Sensei Derek Langham in the early years, the club grew, using various halls around Sheffield finally settling in Killamarsh Village Hall, which is now Killamarsh Leisure Centre.

Sensei's Derek Langham and Bob Poynton were the first KUGB Senior Instructors to hold courses and gradings at the club. Over the following years, late 1970s through the 1980s all the KUGB Senior Instructors were invited to the club, by Sensei Wheatcroft. The club had the privilege of training with Sensei Sherry, Poynton, O'Neill, Rhodes, Higgins, Langham; a young lad by the name of Frank Brennan came too, with Sensei Sherry.

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